eberjey lingerie

 eberjey lingerie is well-known for its soft fabrics and pretty laces that is not only flattering on real bodies but also comfortable.  Established in 1996 in the US, eberjey started out with their boy short which was quickly followed with thongs, bralets and camis. 

The girly-sexy-comfy style continues to be their staple which is why eberjey is loved by women globally and is a must-have in every lingerie closet. 

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  • Eberjey Delirious French Brief
  • Eberjey Elvia Slim Pant
  • Eberjey Elvia Racerback Cami
  • Eberjey Elvia Racerback Bralet
  • Eberjey Elvia Thong

    Eberjey Elvia Thong

    HKD $295.00
  • Eberjey So Solid Grayson & Valentina Bikini Bottom Swimwear
  • Eberjey Sketchy Spots Chemise
  • Eberjey Tesoro Long Sleeve Short PJ Set
  • Eberjey Gisele Short PJ Set
  • Eberjey Lila Bralet

    Eberjey Lila Bralet

    HKD $415.00
  • Eberjey Lila Cami

    Eberjey Lila Cami

    HKD $620.00
  • Eberjey Colette Racerback Bralet (Stellar Blue)
  • Eberjey Catalina Racerback Teddy
  • Eberjey Greta Inset Bodysuit
  • Eberjey Colette Classic Lace Boythong (Evergreen)
  • Eberjey Colette Lace Racerback Bralet (Evergreen)
  • Eberjey Lila Slim Pant
  • Eberjey Lila Hipster

    Eberjey Lila Hipster

    HKD $325.00
  • Eberjey Lila Chemise

    Eberjey Lila Chemise

    HKD $680.00
  • Eberjey So Solid Taylor & Coco Bikini Swimwear
  • Eberjey So Solid Margarita One Piece Swimwear
  • Eberjey Anouk Lace Culotte
  • Eberjey Anouk Boythong
  • Eberjey Anouk Underwire Bra
  • Eberjey Colette Boythong
  • Eberjey Colette Racerback Bralet
  • Eberjey India Low Rise Boythong
  • Eberjey India Lace Retro Bralet
  • Eberjey Delirious Lace Low Rise Boythong
  • Eberjey Adela Bikini Bottom
  • Eberjey Simona Thong

    Eberjey Simona Thong

    HKD $340.00
  • Eberjey Simona Short

    Eberjey Simona Short

    HKD $415.00
  • Eberjey Saskia Hipster Panty
  • Eberjey Simona Chemise
  • Eberjey Simona Long Sleeve Robe
  • Eberjey Simona Camisole
  • Eberjey Simona Bralet

    Eberjey Simona Bralet

    HKD $490.00
  • Eberjey Adela Bralet

    Eberjey Adela Bralet

    HKD $495.00
  • Eberjey Saskia Halter Bralet
  • Eberjey Colette Boythong (Stellar Blue)
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