The No. 1 Mistake Guys Make When Buying Lingerie

The No. 1 Mistake Guys Make When Buying Lingerie

Steal your girlfriend's bra, and other lingerie-buying tips for V-Day.

Thinking of getting lingerie for your better half this V-day? It's not that scary.  Avec Amour has some great advice for a lingerie buyer rookie.

#1 Remember that the lingerie is for your wife or girlfriend, not for you.
“The No. 1 mistake guys make when buying lingerie is buying for themselves, and not for their wives or girlfriends. A lot of guys are attracted to racier, provocative and usually see-through items, and they usually buy those. However, the majority of women aren’t comfortable wearing something that’s so exposing. So then it gets thrown in the corner of the closet and never gets worn, or if the guy is lucky, it’s worn once (probably in the dark)."

#2 Try suspenders and stockings. 
“I think suspenders and stockings are ultra sexy. Buying them in black is fail-safe, as they will go with any black bra & panty set. These days, it’s not as common to wear them, but once they are paired with heels, it really elevates the mood.” 

#3 Get stuff that comes in sizes S, M, or L. 
“Something that comes in sizes S, M, L, such as a slip or bodysuit is pretty safe if you don’t know her size. There is a large range for these items and a lot of them are stretchable.”

Idalia Playsuit Black

Let's play: Avec Amour recommends the L'Agent by AP Idalia Playsuit. "It's made from lace, and has a plunging neckline and open back. It looks luxurious, sexy and simply gorgeous," 



# 4 Or you can steal her bra. 
“Guys, you must check her size when buying a bra! Her underwear drawer won’t bite, so take a peek and look for one of her nicer bras and check the size. Better yet, take a photo and ask the sales lady to help choose an item, because you can kinda tell what she would like from her bra — such as whether she likes bright colours, lace, or if she likes her bra padded or not.” 

#5 It’s not too early to buy underwear for your date.
“In this day and age, I don’t think there is a rule. You could be casually dating or in a serious relationship, or married. Girls love gifts and lingerie is no different.”

Emerson Black Bra

One of our favourites at the moment is the Emerson Open Cup Lace Bra from UK brand Bluebella.  "The bra is more of a cut-out bra which is innovative. It’s sexy yet keeps her modesty intact, as it doesn’t fully expose her."



#6 It’s okay not to try on lingerie before you buy. 
“We buy clothes and shoes online all the time, so I don’t see why buying lingerie online is any different. Especially when you are familiar with a style or your size for a particular brand, you can feel more confident shopping online.”

#7 Embarrassed? Take it online. 
“Both men and women can feel embarrassed walking into a lingerie shop, and it ends up being a rushed job. However, men can take their time browsing online and not feel judged about what you’re looking at or buying. They can also see what it looks like up close and on a model, without having to guess or figure out how it works.”

Julia Stargazing Set

Sweet and sexy: Another of our favorites is the Stella McCartney Julia Stargazing Demi Wire Bra & Bikini Brief. "The balconettes are such a great fit and so comfortable and I’m crazy about their Demi Wire Bras."  


#8 Do your research. 
"Essentially, I would tell men to do their research. When buying a car or a new gadget. they do plenty of research, so why not lingerie? All you have to do is take a peek into her drawer for her size, colour preferences and style (Cute? Conservative? Sexy? Dominatrix?), and you’re set."

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