PANTY TIPS: 5 Signs Your Underwear Doesn’t Fit

PANTY TIPS: 5 Signs Your Underwear Doesn’t Fit

If your underwear is baggy, bulging or all in a bunch — you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Not to worry: The pros at Avec Amour are here to fix your knickers with a few simple steps.

The majority of women may not realize it, but their panty problems can be chocked up to one simple fact: they don’t fit! Finding the right underwear size is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Due to the generic sizing of underwear — Small, Medium, Large — it’s often harder to get a precise fit, especially across brand names and various cuts. After all, a Small in Mimi Holliday might be a Medium in Stella McCartney Lingerie, while European brands are often sized differently than American brands (eg. UK 6 = US 2).

And since panties are usually non-returnable, women waste a lot of money buying underwear that doesn’t fit quite right. Maybe it’s a little tight in the waistband, or it bunches in the back —even what seems like a small detail can end up causing discomfort throughout the day, make you look larger than you actually are, or create visible bundles beneath your clothes.

Luckily, the experts at Avec Amour have a few easy tips to ensure your underwear is the right size for you.

Skin bulges: Even ultra-slender women will see skin bulges if their underwear is too tight. If you notice skin bulges around your hips or love handles, try a size larger or switch to a different style with more coverage. If you are full-figured, a thicker side band will offer more support and smoother panty lines than skinny bikini-string underwear styles.

Restricted legs: When your underwear seams dig into your thighs and leave marks, it’s a sure sign that your panties are too small. Luckily this is an easy fix: buying a larger size should give your legs some breathing room.

Constant wedgies: A telltale sign of ill-fitting underwear is that it’s causing wedgies. The material is too small to cover you properly, resulting in an uncomfortable and unflattering fit. Or it could be that it’s too old and the elastic has stretched. Nothing should be riding up your bottom — even a thong should lay comfortably without distracting you during the day.

Panties in a bunch: If you see and feel excess material hanging off your rear, then your underwear is too big. The extra fabric will bunch up under your clothes and make your bottom appear bigger than it is — and not in that sexy Kardashian way.

Loose waistline: Your knickers might have fit at one point in time, but now the waistband feels too loose. If you haven’t lost weight recently, then this is most likely a result of wear and tear —underwear should be replaced roughly every six months (depending on frequency worn) to retain elasticity and support. 

Personal style: You might love boy cut shorts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best cut for your figure. Visit Avec Amour for a personal consultation to learn which underwear brands and styles will enhance your silhouette.

The perfect fit? Underwear that fits properly should literally feel like nothing at all. It should be lying smooth under your clothes, with the waistband lying flat against your skin.

With a few quick adjustments, you can find underwear that feels comfortable, instills confidence and improves your appearance.

Shop with confidence at Avec Amour in Hong Kong, where you can enjoy a professional fitting before purchases. Already know your correct size? Head online and snap up the latest collections on Avec Amour’s online shop

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