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Desir Metallique Black Collar

HKD $185.00

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HKD $185.00


With the Désir Métallique Metallic Mesh Collar, It Is Easy to Unleash your imagination and surrender to pleasure during soft bondage games. Featuring adjustable metallic mesh collar and a cooling metal chain that drapes the torso and waist as a chain belt, the easy-to-wear Mesh Collar is the perfect bedroom accessory for soft bondage games on any occasion. Pair it with your evening outfit, lingerie or simply with your skin.

  • Metallic Black Collar
  • Adjustable Mesh Collar
  • Cooling Metal Chain down the Torso and Waist as Chain Belt
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Dual Use Body Jewelry
  • Nickle-free; will not cause allergic reaction

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Style Harness
Type Accessories
Price HKD $185.00
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