Bordelle Signature Gia Shelf Bra (Black)

HKD $1,380.00
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HKD $1,380.00
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Bordelle's Signature Gia Shelf Bra designed for ultimate seduction, totally lustful and erotic. Equipped with underwire and fully adjustable straps for total comfort, while looking hot and sexy.

  • Mesh: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane
  • Elastic: 89% Polyamid, 11% Elastane
  • Fully adjustable band and shoulder straps
  • 24 carat gold plated hardware
  • Accessories not included
Size Bra Size UK & US Bra Size Australia Bra Size Europe
SS 30C/32B/34A 8C/10B/12A 65C/70B/75A
S 30D/32C/34B 8D/10C/12B 65D/70C/75B
M 32D/34C 10D/12C 70D/75C
L 34D/36C 12D/14C 75D/80C
LL 34DD/36D 12DD/14D 75E/80D

Additional Information

Style Underwire
Type Bras
Price HKD $1,380.00
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